Artist Statement – Barbara Wijnveld

The foundation of my work is based on some firm given things. I restrict myself, for example, to a few different forms of appearance, such as:

They form a marked out repertoire which is functional to me. My actions are, on the contrary, mobile and alive. With lines I trace a face, an object, a space. I dissect the externals until a spontaneous short-circuit appears and the internal presence. What I make is intuitive conceptual and has an emotional formality.

The tokens of recognition are re-drawings of the reality. My internal portraits are closely related to the processes of the perception. I try to construct new ranges of vision, create other perspectives and cross vanishing points in order to eliminate the illusions of the representation. The titles are directives for possible associations and meanings. ‘Fascinans OD’ for example refers to the phantasmagoric creatures from stone on the facades of Roman houses, monasteries and churches, by way of diversion and protection of the building itself and the internal aspects of it.

Something which speaks to the imagination wants to get colored-in. This is not just a game to me, it’s a mindful game with transparency, accenting and specification. Therefor I use the property of the materials which I elect; on purpose, literal and figurative. Varnish, intend to protect the surface of the painting, I use one side to cover up or lift out a part of the painting, on the other hand on account of the gloss, so that the space in which the painting is located gets reflected in the painting.

I love the things as they are, don’t have the need to fantasize.  But I suggest so that I can represent a lot. My images arise from what is visually already present. They are static images, weigh out constructions that want to be clear reflections of the mobility and changeability of the living.

© 2001/2012 Barbara Wijnveld.